Saturday, April 21, 2007

Carmen Electra Unbelievably Fine

Carmen Electra, actress, dancer, former lover and wife of Dennis Rodman, Dave Navarro and other fortunate men which we envy, justifiably. But, it is not our fault that this beauty likes to be photographed so much, and who would not with such a surreal body and her “equipment” that attracts weak male hearts throughout the world.

Carmen Electra
recently publicised an interesting fact, remembering her debut for Playboy magazine in 1990: -When I received the magazine’s offer, I was not sure if I would take it or not, I was terribly shy. Still, I saw it as a good opportunity to set myself free of this trait that was holding me back. Of course, after I did it, nobody wanted me to stay dressed any more- Contactmusic reports.

There, as you can see, even the prettiest girls are self-conscious – which can equalise them with Carmen in the end, they only need an attitude like hers. Sometimes, it is all in the attitude which, unfortunately, can hardly be obtained over-night – still, who tries and works on themselves, results always follow in the end.