Thursday, May 10, 2007

Britney Spears to Sing a Duet With Marilyn Monroe

Since most people didn't accept Britney Spears' 15-minute lip syncing appearances in California as a comeback, the former pop tart has to come up with something else. Here's the new plan: Britney will sing a duet with Marilyn Monroe.

Evidently former NSYNC'er Lance Bass has secured the rights a previously unreleased Marilyn song called 'Down Boy'. Bass thinks the song is perfect for Britney and has plans for it to be on her next album.

"Lance wants Britney to sing with Marilyn on the track, like Natalie Cole did on 'Unforgettable' with her dad Nat King Cole," sources say Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

Plans are also already in place for the Britney to don a platinum Marilyn-esque wig (since she's bald, ya know) and dress like the Monroe, when they shoot the video.