Friday, May 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Sex Fears

Lindsay Lohan was "terrified" of playing an overtly "sexual" female in her new film.

The 20-year-old star - who has been romantically linked to a series of famous men and sent a text message to a male friend from rehab saying she was "craving sex" - struggled to play Rachel, a disturbed young girl who tries to seduce her stepfather, in 'Georgia Rule'.

Lindsay said: "I was really nervous when I had the scene where I had to be sexual and provocative. I was terrified.

"I cried so much when we wrapped. I haven't been able to go where Rachel goes in a movie."

The actress' character is sexually abused in the movie, and her co-star Jane Fonda - who works to prevent teenage pregnancy in Georgia found it hard to watch.

Jane said: "I get so emotional when I see this movie, because I work with girls who have been abused. And I know how the abuse makes them act out."