Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Britney Spears An American Idol Judge? WTF?!

Britney Spears may be the next judge on American Idol! Britney Spears, who can't sing and lip-synchs during most of her concerts, may actually become an American Idol judge in place of the 'loopy' Paula Abdul.

According to Mike Walker, a rumor mill/gossip 'expert', Idol is considering switching Paula Abdul, an experienced artist who's worked with countless stars and has been with American Idol since the get-go, with Britney Spears, a young pop star inexperienced in recognizing and building upon a voice talent.

Ok, American Idol took a big hit in ratings this season, but c'mon! Even Britney's fans are probably smacking their heads against the wall, hoping the agonizing pain will block out the thought of the pop princess judging someone else's singing.

Everyone knows that if American Idol replaces Paula Abdul with Britney Spears, it's for publicity - and it can be guaranteed fans will tune out because of that. Nothing personal Brit, but if American Idol is going to replace Paula, they need someone better than the 'Straight Up' singer.