Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Peter doesn't mind Jordan's boob jobs?

Peter Andre admits that he doesnt mind wife Katie Price getting boob jobs, for it makes him feel as if he has been with different women but is still not cheating on her.

The former glamour models 32GG bust helped her cement her place as the queen of mens magazines, but now that shes had them reduced he doesnt mind.

“No, because I am the first man that gets to be with three different women but the same woman and it’s not classed as cheating,” The Sun quoted him, as saying.

“She had them big, then reduced them and now when she decides to have them done again, that’ll be three different woman being the same woman and that’s great - it’s like she gets younger every time.”

The Mysterious Girl singer also admitted that he wasnt about to move to the US even though he and Price have been promoting their TV show - Katie and Peter overseas.

“I love America and they’ve been nice to us, but I said to Kate, ‘if I was to move anywhere it would be Australia’,” he said.

“Why would we want to be to America? We’ve got England’s that so good to us, and yes, things could all go pear-shaped tomorrow, but part of chasing a dream, is not chasing America.”