Friday, December 05, 2008

Adrienne Bailon Scandal - Did She Fake The Funk?

Adrienne Bailon is all too aware of the effect a nude picture scandal could have on her career, yet she took nude photos of herself, which ended up in the wrong hands. Now, some insiders are suggesting she did it for the publicity.

Famous sex scandals certainly improved the visibility of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson, so the Disney star may have surmised that raunchy pics would help elevate her status in Hollywood.

"Adrienne was desperate to create controversy," an insider told OK!. "She looked at how Kim Kardashian built an entire career from her sex tape and she hoped to the same."

The source maintains that Bailon hatched up the whole scandal by leaking the photos herself to an Atlanta blogger.

The 25 year old actor attempted to feign surprise when the pics arrived online, claiming she was the victim of a laptop theft, in an obvious ode to Edison Chen.

A close friend of Bailon denied the insider's claim, insisting that Bailon took the pics for the sole enjoyment of boyfriend Rob Kardashian, and she was the unwitting victim of thieves.

"She had no part in leaking them and is extremely upset about the whole situation", the friend said.