Saturday, May 19, 2007

Paris Hilton Becomes a Cheeky Prison Doll!

Paris Hilton’s approaching jail sentence is apparently proving to be a big lucrative business.

The socialite’s impending prison term has inspired a line of merchandising, which includes T-shirts, mugs and prisoner-Paris dolls.

The dolls, clad in crude versions of the uniform that the 26-year-old will wear in jail, have attracted numerous bids on internet auction sites.

Sandy Kelley, who sells the dolls and has been getting huge interest on internet auctions said that considering her yearning for media attention, Paris would not have any problems with the cheeky dolls.

“I’m sure Paris wouldn’t mind. Everyone knows how she loves to be the center of attention,” the Daily Express quoted Sandy, as saying.

But while she will get none of the returns from the sales, Paris has found a way to earn money through her sentence.

The hotel heiress is rumored to be in talks about a book and TV deal detailing her 23-day stay in a Los Angeles jail.